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          Imagine  being  able  to  wear  what  represents  you  best.  Endless  possibilities  to express your  creativity
          without limitations, envision yourself wearing a frame created and designed by you! Our iGreen
          Custom program brings this vision to life, where you are the designer of your own unique frame.  We
          have created a program to ensure everyone has the perfect fit no matter which style they love from
          our 4.0 Collection and that’s why we offer up to three different eye-sizes for every custom shape.

          iGreen PLUS Collection
          Transform everyday prescription eye-wear into protective and attractive sunglasses! Each pair comes with
          a  polarized  (grey)  magnetic  clip-on lens  that  stays  in  place  using  a  strong  built-in  magnet  discretely  placed
          under the rivet.  Four more clips are available with different lenses (Polarized Green Mirrored Lens, 3-D,
          Blue Lens and Yellow Lens).
          Standard V-groove application is required.

          iGreen Acetate Collection/ 4.0 Collection
          Our iGreen Acetate frames combine the lightness of polyamide with the strength of acetate for optimal
          balance of comfort and function. All Acetate Styles are available for customization offering multiple eye
          sizes as well as nose pads. Standard V-groove application is required.

          iGreen ULTEM Collection
          Incredibly lightweight, flexible and equipped with a standard  V- groove, the iGreen Ultem Collection is
          exactly what you are looking for.  This versatile material is hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for wearers
          with sensitive skin.

          All iGreen frames have interchangeable temples with a wide selection of colors for endless fun!
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