Page 1 - iGreen Catalogue Jan 2021
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                    THIS THIS

                       W AYW AY

          This iGreen catalog is not meant to only show you our iGreen designs but also our story
          and the path of this brand. What you are about to see in the following pages is created by
          Thema with one purpose in mind: innovating the eyeglasses concept to create something
          truly  unique  and  exciting!  We  proudly  design  and  manufacture  our  spectacles  in  Italy
          and  most  recently  in  the  U.S.A.,  iGreen  4.0  is  the  ultimate  result.  Our  customers  have
          come to expect the upmost quality from Italy and we maintain this reputation by diligently
          manufacturing our spectacles at our new factory in Florida.  Thank you for choosing
          our iGreen product and for supporting the  American artisanal industry revolution.
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