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                       When      we     started    producing     iGreen     frames     in   the     USA,

                       we  wanted  to  share  with  the  world  one  big  dream  and  a  message.
                       Our product is the outcome of years of research and work.  The fact that in

                       2018  we  can  still  talk  about  “hand-made”  is  a  reason  for  us  to  be  proud.
                       We  want  our  customers  to  be  able  to  envision  what  we  do

                       here   in   sunny    Miami,    and    how    your    artistry  becomes     reality.
                       With our program you are the designer with a vision and no limitations.
                       Do   you   love   a   certain  style   but   need   a  different    size   or    wish  they    had   nose pads?

                       No problem!  You truly are the creator of your frame, and to top it off
                       we  offer  new  laser  engraving  technology  to  add  your  name  or  initials.

                       One  last  quality  check?  We  strive  to  ensure  every  frame  is  nothing
                       less than perfect, a last kiss goodbye and your frame is ready for you!

                                                                  iGreen, The People

                                                                 We used to go to an optical store and have to
                                                                 choose between frames that someone already
                                                                 designed and produced.  The game has changed
                                                                 and we believe that you are as unique as our custom
                                                                 frames. Do not let others tell you what to wear, be
                                                                 your  own  designer  and  shine  through  the  masses.
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