iGreen Hi-Tech frames are crafted in the USA from bio based material, making them lightweight, comfortable and sustainable.

For every ton of Arkema Advanced Bio-Circular Rilsan®PA11 used, the equivalent of one car is taken off the road for a year and two farming families enjoy a profitable and sustainable lifestyle.

More than 70 different styles, all customizable in 3 different eye-sizes, over 500 colors and nose-pads.

Each 4.0 design is handmade in the US within 5 business days from the order.


Changing the temples on your i Green glasses is very simple. In less than a minute your "new" glasses will be ready to wear! Lift the temple where it protrudes from the front, lever it on the inside a bit, as if you were using a corkscrew.

Then clip the new temple to the front and your new iGreen is ready to be shown off!